A New Standard for Trusted Sources

Science journal papers are the most trusted information source on the planet. Our aim is to make this content available to a much wider audience. 

We are not journalists, we are scientists and technologists. We spread facts and evidence, not opinion or political agendas. Our vision is to create a new standard for quality content and restore trust in the information we consume every day.


About Us

Sparrho was created to fill the gap between journalism (losing trust) and science journals (not accessible). 

Science journals are available to less than 3% of us. Our aim is to fight truth decay by making evidence-based content available and understandable to everyone.

Our goal is to create a new category of highly trusted and engaging content that is factually accurate, objectively true, accessible and digestible.


Fighting Trust Bankruptcy 

Trust in our current sources of information is at a record low. At the same time demand for dependable evidence-based content and experts has never been higher. This is why we believe the timing for a proposition like ours is at a critical tipping point. 


The Journey We're On




We've indexed over 60 million scientific papers and crawl 50,000 information sources a day, using machine learning and expert scientists to curate and summarize papers into a format that makes sense for a mass market audience.

We are currently performing customer research to discover the biggest problems in this space so we can understand how best to bring trusted, factual content to you in an engaging, easy way.

We envision a world where nobody has to wonder how trustworthy their news and information is. It should be easy to access the evidence and science behind the headlines. Data and facts should be accessible and available to everybody. 


Data from our Research

Scientific Papers are Considered Highly Trustworthy

According to our recent survey, scientific journals & papers are the most trustworthy source of factual information.

Scientific Papers are Too Long and Complex for Public Consumption

41% of respondents surveyed reported an interest in scientific papers, but don't read them because they are too long and complex.

Science is not Reaching the Public

A majority of respondents surveyed felt that the biggest problem with science is that it is too confined and does not reach the public. 


Fight for the Truth

Your voice counts. We're bringing together scientific content, AI technology, researchers and people like you to forge a new standard for content quality; one in which trust is restored in the information we consume every day.

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