Sparrho Researcher Prize: Frequently asked questions

What is the Sparrho Researcher Prize?

Are you, or one of your grad students, going to a conference this year?

Sparrho is offering monthly £500 grants to PhD students and postdocs from any university who are presenting their research at an academic conference in the next 12 months, anywhere in the world.

Deadline for July 2018 Prizes: 30th June 2018

(The next deadline is 31st July 2018 for the August 2018 Prizes)

To apply, simply:

  1. Complete a 5-minute online form with your details and no more than 300 words to introduce your research in a non-confidential manner
  2. Curate a collection of papers that are relevant to your research (you don’t need to have authored them), using Sparrho’s discovery platform

The winners will:

  1. Receive £500 in prize money
  2. Be featured in the Huffington Post

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Applications welcome from all fields of scientific research:
Biology | Chemistry | Computer Science | Engineering
Mathematics | Medicine | Physics

What is involved in the application process?

To apply, applicants are asked to complete an online application form. This form asks for personal details (name, academic institution, etc) as well as an abstract or a 300-word introduction to the applicants research area.

Following completion of the application form, the applicant’s information is submitted to the competition. The applicant is then directed to a personalised page on Sparrho where they will find their submitted information pre-populated in their very own Sparrho pinboard. The applicant will be prompted to pin relevant research articles to their pinboard.

Applicants are encouraged to spend as long as they like curating their pinboard in the lead up to the application deadline.

How long does it take to complete the application process?

Completion of the form takes about 5–10 minutes.

Once the pinboard is created we expect applicants to spend about 20-30 minutes selecting relevant articles to pin. This process can be done in the weeks leading up to the application deadline.

How many winners will there be?

One winner will be selected every month.

What is the selection criteria?

The winners will be selected based on quality of the pinboard they curate as part of the application, as well as their contribution to the conference they are attending.

Quality pinboards are regarded as those that are written for a scientific, non-expert audience that provide a concise and interesting introduction to a research field, accompanied by a relevant series of publications.

How are the winners notified?

The winners will be notified via email by the Sparrho team in the weeks after the application deadline.

How does the competition affect the privacy policy of academic conferences?

We do not ask for applicants to upload any sensitive or private research during the application process. The abstract may be a general description of the research area. Thus, the application process does not interfere with any confidentiality agreement between conference organisers and attendees, or between conference organisers and media outlets.

We advise all applicants to include only non-confidential information in their pinboards, as the aim of the Prize is to recognise and award exceptional science communicators. The novelty of the research should be mentioned but not in technical detail.

Please email if your question isn’t answered here.

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